Bear Buddies

Have you seen any bears yet this year? I bet you’re thinking no, but you have. Mr. Yahna introduced a great new program to our school this year - Bear Buddies which includes everyone in our school so… you have seen a Bear! Young or old, student or staff, middle schooler or early childhood student; each of us became a member of a special group. We have about 20 people in each group and we have our very own color. With our Bear Buddies groupings, we each now have a new place where we belong! And… we will stay together until we wave a fond farewell to our buddies who leave JBES to continue their educational adventure to their new high school. Bear Buddies definitely celebrates this year’s school theme - Getting to Know You.


Our first get together had us all ‘growing a ‘Tree of Gratitude’.

What are you thankful for? In the day-to-day rush of life we sometimes forget to stop and appreciate all that we have. But pausing to reflect on our good fortune is important. To make a more beautiful tree, each of us wrote what we were thankful for on a small green leaf; older students helped younger ones with writing and younger students helped older ones with ideas. The leaves were added to the tree and as we read each others’ leaves, we learned we all have a lot for which we are grateful. Take a look at the tree outside the cafeteria - we are definitely a lucky community who helps each other out.

We belong together in our similarities and

we belong together in our differences!

Our rainbow of colors had their next gathering on March 4th. We learned more about each other as we explored all the ways we are similar and the ways we are different…

How many of us have been swimming in the Saco River? Many of us!

How many of us have hiked a 4,000 foot mountain? Not nearly as many of us!

Do we all like broccoli?

How many of us have seen a bobcat?

We found out that we are all uniquely ‘different’ and ‘similar’.

But the most important thing we shared was…

We belong together in our similarities and we belong together in our differences!


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